LAS Worldwide's employees are the driving force behind our success. Dedication, innovation, and attention to details help us to provide the absolute best customer service possible in an industry that has become entirely too impersonal. Our biggest asset is our desire to serve our clients and provide them with the best customer service available.

LAS Worldwide was founded on the idea that customers want a relationship with their vendors that is more than the right-here right-now mentality. We pride ourselves on providing shipping solutions. We work with every client to give them complete shipping solutions for not only today but for the future. By utilizing our experience and dedication we can supply one-stop turnkey solutions that meet or exceed any expectation our clients may have.

Pete Mitchell
President / Director of Sales & Operations
LAS Worldwide
Phone Number: 702-737-7781 Ext 107 Cell: 702-325-9122
Email Address:
Type of Business: Transportation & Warehousing
Expertise: Tradeshows, Conventions, Events & Imports/Exports & Domestic Transportation
Marketing Area: US Domestic & International
Key Strength: Detail Oriented, Ability to think outside the box, Adaptability
Hobbies / Personal Interest: Historic and Modern Weopanology, Archery, Traveling
With over 25 years in the transportation business, Pete's goal is to provide a more hands on detailed based transportation solution in the exhibition industry. With a BA in Chemistry from Bethany College and post  graduate work at the University of Nevada Las Vegas, Pete has a very diverse background in the transportation field. Beginning with coordination transport of hazardous samples while a field auditor with the EPA and Kaiser Engineering to supervising the packing and shipping of radio active materials for Lockheed Martin.

Pete brings a fresh point of view to getting items from point A to point B.

Beginning in 1995 Pete was show supervisor for Pride Transport Trade Show Division. During his tenure he was the lead on shows for customers ranging from Novel, and Microsoft, to Bombardier and Boeing Business Jets for events ranging from CES, NBAA to COMDEX and MAC World.

After his tenure of the shipping side of the events Pete joined a large international tradeshow forwarder. He had the opportunity to provide forwarding services to clients exhibiting at events such as the Paris Air Show, Farnborough Air Show, Australian Air Show, Mac World Paris, Defense Services Asia, Asian Aerospace, DRUPA, and European Business Aircraft Conference and Exhibition (EBACE). This experience has given Pete the knowledge and expertise to ship goods whether military or commercial to any destination domestic or international.